Operation Mend Helps War Veteran Turn Injuries Into Comedy

Veteran takes stage to celebrate freedom, inspire and heal 

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - As the nation celebrates July 4th, one injured army veteran will spread laughter and hope through humor.

Bobby Henline is an Iraq war veteran who survived an Improvised Explosive Device attack that killed four of his fellow servicemen. Bobby was the only survivor of the blast, which left him with severe burns covering almost 40% of his bod. . . read more


Girls Suffer More Overuse Injuries In Teen Sports

Study names top sports for “overuse” injuries, girls at higher risk than boys

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) June 2015 – A new study shows that when it comes to overuse injuries in high school sports, girls are at a much higher risk than boys. Overuse injuries include conditions like stress fractures, tendonitis and joint pain, and occur when athletes are required to perform the same motion repeatedly.

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Risks Of Overlooking Vitamin K Shots In Newborns

More parents opting out of shots at birth, doctors can miss subtle signs of danger later

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Vitamin K shots have been given to newborns almost automatically since the 1960’s, but as part of the backlash against vaccines, a growing number of parents are choosing to opt out of all shots for their babies, including vitamin K. That’s putting many at risk for bleeding in the brain.

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Drive For Men's Health - Doctors Drive Across US To Drive Message Home To Men

New survey: Only about half of men can remember their last medical check-up


Clermont, Florida.  - A new national survey about men and their cars is revealing eye-opening information about men and their health. The survey, commissioned by Orlando Health, found that more than 80 percent of men could remember the make and model of their first car, but only about half could remember the last time they went to the doctor for a check-up.

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Massive Weight Loss Fuels Surge In Plastic Surgery

After losing significant weight, more patients are opting for plastic surgery to trim excess skin and reshape their bodies.

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., June 1, 2015 – An increase in the number of weight loss surgeries in the U.S. is beginning to have a ripple effect in plastic surgery, according to new data released today by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Procedures specifically associated with massive weight loss, including tummy tucks, thigh lifts, breast lifts and upper arm lifts, grew at their fastest rate in four years in 2014, according to the report. That follows a similar increase in the growth of weight loss surgeries.

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